How can Kenna access scanners protected by IP Filtering?

For scanner sources that have IP Whitelists in place, you may also need to allow Kenna’s IPs in order to access these tools to ingest data.

You may also wish to whitelist Kenna IPs in your firewall to allow Kenna direct access to on premise scanner sources instead of making use of the Kenna Virtual Agent or Kenna Virtual Tunnel. If you prefer the agent/tunnel option, please see the article here.

Please see below for the IPs that you will need to enter in to your scanner sources to allow Kenna access. If you are unsure which Platform your Kenna instance resides on, please contact your Customer Success Team or Support for clarification.

If you are on your own Kenna Private Deployment (KPD), please contact your Customer Success Team to provide the necessary IPs to you.

Platform Source Hosts

If you encounter any issues with deployment, please contact


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