Tripwire IP360

The Tripwire IP360 connector runs slightly different than most file upload connectors. IP360 provides Kenna with two separate files, both a ASPL and XML file. The ASPL is a vulnerability definitions file and the XML is the exported vulnerability report. 

You can export your ASPL file from IP360 by performing the following steps:

1. In IP360 navigate to Administer.

2. Click Support.

3. Click Resources.


This screen lists all of the XML files associated with installed versions of ASPL (Advanced Security Profiling Language). You will need to download the file. If it is gzipped (.gz extension) be sure to first unzip this file. 

In the connectors tab in Kenna click "New Connector" and choose Tripwire IP360. 

Name your connector and then click "Choose file". Select the location of the ASPL file you just exported from IP360 and choose the file.

Click Save and your connector will be verified and created. From here you can run your IP360 connector like any other file upload connector. Just click run and you can drag a drop any exported XML3 report from IP360. This will process your vulnerabilities and assets within the Kenna threat processing engine and make them available within the Explore page.

To export your results XML data:

1. In IP360 navigate to Discover > Scan History.

2. Click "Export" button.

3. Select "XML3" and click "Export" button.

4. Click "View" button.

5. Import into Kenna.

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