Qualys & other network VA tools provide aggregation and correlation as well - how does Kenna compare to them?

As for Qualys (or other network VA tools) that have vulnerability management modules, unlike Kenna, they're not designed to import vulnerability from multiple vulnerability assessment (VA) tools and related technologies. While they may aggregate and correlate vulnerability data identified by their own VA tool, they aren't designed to import network, host, database, and application related vulnerabilities from a multitude of VA tools into one central console and aggregate & correlate disparate data back to your infrastructure & assets in order to simplify and accelerate remediation.  Nor are they designed to link into bug tracking, remediation, or ticketing tools in order to track, prioritize, and measure vulnerability life cycles from detection to close. Just to underscore this point, Qualys, Rapid 7 & Tenable are technology partners of Kenna.

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