Configuring Asset Groups & Tags

If you'd like to group several assets together (like multiple url's into a single site name) you can. When url's come in from Sentinel we automatically tag them with the site name, you can easily create an asset group by selecting that tag in the Explore page and then clicking the save in the upper right sidebar. Name the group whatever you want and we'll save it out. This will also create a Risk Meter on your dashboard for that group.

You can also manually assign records (in batch) to different assets, to reclassify assets. Create asset groups such as the example above and then search or filter your assets on any of the filters within the sidebar and save them as groups. You can also tag or prioritize those assets in bulk. To bring up the bulk operations menu simply select one or more assets via the checkbox on the left of the table. The bulk editor will appear at the top of the table.

You can also report on asset groups using our dashboard reports

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