Rapid7 Nexpose Enterprise

The Nexpose connector is rather straightforward to setup but there are a few things you will need to know. First, you will need to create a user account in Nexpose (This will be your secure service account) with “Normal” user access. The connector operates at least privilege for enhanced security. The last thing to do in Nexpose is to generate an “XML 2.0” report of the assets to be imported into Kenna. That's it!

  1. Login to your Nexpose application.

  2. Create new user with “Normal” access.

  3. Generate an “XML 2.0” report.


Kenna Provides 2 Connectors:

  • Secure Drag and Drop of your XML report.
  • Direct API - Connect with your Nexpose service account by adding your credentials after selecting the connector. 

When defining the connector be sure to only put the host IP and port, there is no need to prefix with https://.

Please note that whatever asset tags were created within your Nexpose and Nexpose XML scanners will be auto-imported when you sync your scan data. 



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