API changes July 31st, 2015

Starting on Friday, July 31st, Risk I/O will be known as Kenna Security. The platform functionality will be exactly the same, but under a new name, including our API.

The root path of our API is now https://api.kennasecurity.com/. Your API token information has remained the same, and can be accessed at [subdomain].kennasecurity.com/applications.

Our old root path, https://api.risk.io, will remain live and will begin performing redirections to https://api.kennasecurity.com/ starting Friday, July 31st, using the standard HTTP 301 "Moved Permanently" code.

Modern web request libraries respect this type of direction, but it is recommended you update the configured API root path to https://api.kennasecurity.com/ in any scripts you may be running to ensure functionality.

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