Why are there a different number of vulnerabilities in Kenna than in my scanner?

After syncing your scanner data into Kenna, there may be a discrepancy between the vulnerability count you are seeing in your scanner compared with the vulnerability count you are seeing in your Kenna instance. This could be due to a number of different factors. Some possible explanations include: 


  • The number of vulnerabilities in Kenna is based on the number of identified CVEs on an asset, which is an industry standard of tracking vulnerabilities. Scanners may use a different approach. Note: You can read more about the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures standard at MITRE.
  • Do you have multiple connectors? If a vulnerability is reported by more than one connector, we'll create separate "scanner vulns" (separate tabs seen in the vuln details) and this can clutter up an environment. We will not close a vulnerability until the vuln is reported closed from ALL original sources.
  • Are you having issues with your connector? Double check that all of your connectors have been running successfully, to be sure all appropriate data is brought into Kenna (this might include checking your virtual tunnel is up and running properly).
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