Kenna Release Notes

April 2021

Feature Description

Risk Meters:

Dashboard Views and Faster Risk Meter Creation

Improved Risk Meter Drop down for Dashboard Views

Users now see enriched information in the Risk Meter drop down when creating and modifying Dashboard Views.

  • Risk Meter score
  • Risk Meter color coding
  • HRM hierarchy (first-level child and sibling Risk Meters)

It is also possible to add the child Risk Meters to Dashboard Views without adding parent Risk Meters.


Optimized Risk Meter Creation

Risk Meter creation speeds markedly improved in both the UI and API.


Improved Error Messaging

Improved Connector Run Error Messages

Users now see more comprehensive error messages designed to reduce frustration, improve resolution time, and enable self-resolution of issues in as many instances as possible without the need to contact support.

From the Connectors page or Home page, you see detailed messages that identify the application that is posting the error and alert the user to the specific problem. The message also provides clear solution steps and/or exit points.

Note: The error message indicates if/when users should reach out to support after following the suggested troubleshooting steps.

Bug Fixes:

Unassigned Roles Deletion and Search Queries Streamlined

Deleting Unassigned Role

Unassigned roles that returned an error message when attempting to delete can now be deleted.

Search Queries

Some search query results were impacted by the order of the query, which returned inconsistent results. Users will now find search queries return the same results regardless of the order of the query.

March 2021

Feature Description

Risk Meters:

User Role Creation

Improved Risk Meter Drop down for User Role Creation

Improved the Risk Meter drop down menu for creating or editing User Roles. Now you can use type-ahead in the Search bar.


You can click the arrow to expand child hierarchy.




Export Vulnerabilities with Full Solutions from the UI

You can now see a column for 'Short Solution' and a column for 'Solution', which has the full scanner solution.




Vulnerability Exports Limit Increase to 500K with Details from the U

For the existing vulnerability export with details, an increase in the limit from 100k to 500k vulnerabilities with details was implemented.


Important: These export features must be turned on by request by your customer success team. If you do not engage regularly with a CSM or a CSE, please contact support if you want these turned on.


Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (PCCE)

Search By Image

Ability to search by asset identifier for images ingested from the Prisma Cloud Connector and the containers that are running them.



Changes to Alternate Fix Button Location and Vuln CSV Export Column

Alternate Fix Button Location

Users do not need to scroll down the page to see the Alternate Fixes Available button in Explore.


Vuln CSV Export Column

The previously named 'Solution' column has been renamed to 'Short Solution' to better describe the content. The column named 'Solution' now reflects the full scanner solution.

Note: If you are using a script that references these column, please take note and make sure you are pulling the data you intend.

February 2021

Feature Description

VM Explore:

Search Result

Search result speed improvement in Risk Meter when using the All Groups drop-down in the top left of the VM Explore page.




Remote code execution (RCE) added to the Kenna.VM and Kenna.VI+ client-facing API.

In addition, Kenna.VI+ API has popular targets added to it.



Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (PCCE)

Scheduled Scans

Scheduled Scan functionality has been added to PCCE connector.

Registry/Repo Information

Ability to present Registry and Repo Tag information for each of the scanned images. It prepends the word registry or repo to the tag for easier identification as seen in the image below:



Pop-ups Fix

Previously, when you reached the bottom and continue scrolling, the content of the pop up did NOT scroll and got cut off. Now, after reaching the bottom of the dropdown you can continue scrolling.



January 2021

Feature Description

Hierarchical Risk Meters:


  • Users that have created child risk meters can export that data from the UI.
  • Use the same button in the front-end to export parent or child risk meters.

Note: Exporting children from the API is not a part of this release, but will be a part of the work to support HRM in the API.


Audit Logs:


The Audit Logs feature in GCP has the same functionality as Audit Logs in AWS and allows clients to pull down data regarding user-initiated events that happen in the client’s instance of the Kenna application and the Kenna API.

It also allows clients visibility into user behavior in their Kenna instance so they can be responsive to any breaches and/or nefarious behavior.

For more information on Audit Logs or how to configure this feature, please refer to the below information:


Search Capability

Ability to search by container ID for clients using Prisma Cloud Compute Connector.




For past release notes, please refer to this archived page. 

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