Using the Search Filters on the VM Explore page

You can use filtering options at the top of the VM Explore page to help you search for identified vulnerabilities. You can select multiple options to refine the filtered view.



Here is what each of the filters do:

Top Priority: Identifies the highest priority vulnerabilities which will most improve your security posture if they are addressed.

Active Net Breaches: Identifies vulnerabilities that are being successfully exploited in the wild currently.

Easy Exploit: Identifies vulnerabilities that are included in exploit kits or other public exploit sources.

Predicted Exploit: Identifies the number of vulnerabilities that are predicted to become exploitable.

Malware Exploit: Identifies the number of vulnerabilities actively exploited with Malware including Trojans, Worms, Ransomware, and more.

Popular Targets: Identifies the number of vulnerabilities that other clients are seeing in high volume.

Zero Days: Identifies 0-day vulnerabilities that are recently discovered vulnerabilities (or bugs) that are not yet known to vendors or anti-virus companies, that hackers can exploit.

For more information about filtering, refer to the information here.



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