Benchmarking Your Total Risk Score

Kenna Security can now help you compare your company's risk score with other companies in your industry.  On the Home tab, you'll now be able to see the Total Risk Score graph with your industry's average charted against your score. 


Where does my industry come from?

Your default benchmark industry is based on Kenna's internal records.  We use your company's NAICS code to set your industry and show you the most granular industry available. 

Can I see a different industry on my graph?

If you want to see a different industry as your comparison, you can use the simulate feature to compare yourself to any of the other industry we benchmark.  The industries in the simulate dropdown are based on NAICS codes that are common among Kenna's customers.  Your NAICS code might be more granular than the options in the simulation dropdown.


Changing the simulated industry only changes for you, not anyone else in your company.  Simulated industries are only displayed once - the graph will default back to your assigned industry at refresh or logout.

How is the line calculated?

Kenna calculates benchmark scores by averaging all total risk scores across our customers.

How can I change my default industry?

If you feel that Kenna doesn't have your correct default industry, please contact  

Can other customers track my scores back to my company?

All data in Kenna is anonymized so your data is not directly exposed to other customers.  We have run models to ensure that an appropriate number of companies exist in each industry so they can't be deduced.


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