Kenna Product Feedback Policy

Kenna Product Feedback Policy: Our Approach to Product Feedback


Why your feedback is important

At Kenna Security, we take product feedback and input seriously. We believe that listening to our customers, team members and prospects - and by taking their ideas on board - is the best way to build a better product.  We use your feedback to identify the most important features, ideas, pain points, and opportunities so that you can provide more value from our product as efficiently as possible.


How we manage product feedback

The best way to submit product features or ideas is in the Kenna Defender community, in the Product Feedback & Ideas discussion area. You can find this here: Product Ideas and Feedback. All feedback submitted here is then voted on by the broader Kenna customer community. Our product team will follow up directly with any clarifying questions or for further discussion or design ideas.  For the top voted ideas, further discussion among Kenna’s product and technology teams will determine if a feature is incorporated into the roadmap. Not all features suggested will end up on the roadmap.

 Our product team reviews feedback in the Product Feedback discussion area regularly and will reach out as needed either directly or through your dedicated Customer Success team.


Some key points when submitting product feedback:

  • Be descriptive and clear in your feedback idea- Let us know the use case; what is the lack of this feature stopping you from doing? What is the impact?
  • Avoid duplicate ideas- When suggesting a new idea, please check to see if someone else has already suggested a similar feature. You can use the search function to see if any other similar posts come up, make sure you are in the Product Feedback & Ideas (and not the general discussion area). The product team reviews the posts that have the highest number of votes first, so upvoting an existing post makes it more likely for the product team to see the feature you want! Don’t forget to comment on your specific use case in the existing post to show your support for the idea, and demonstrate how the feature would be valuable for you too.
  • If you have a workaround, please let us know that too.
  • Posting your feature idea in the community lets other customers vote on it. Community votes are taken into consideration when evaluating feature requests and ideas.

The Product team reads every post that is submitted, even if they aren’t commented on.


Here’s how:

Log into the Kenna Defender community and head for the Product Feedback & Ideas discussion area.

 (Note: if you do not have a login to this community and you are a Kenna customer, contact


Check out the existing feedback & ideas postings: (the Kenna team will sometimes post product feature ideas here in addition to user generated ideas): Click on a topic to see more info (and to vote/comment, see below)..



Vote on an existing feature or idea post: Click on the blue “Vote” button to the left side of the idea, shown below.

Vote on a poll:

Make your selections in the poll using the radio buttons:  



Add a feature or idea post of your own for others to see and vote on: Click on the “Why not create a topic?” (Blue text at the bottom of the page). This will open a window at the bottom of the page pre-populated with 2 questions. You can type your product feedback or idea in this section. Make sure to click on “Create Topic” when you are done to post to the discussion forum. When you post, others in the community can then comment or vote on your post.




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