Global and Shared Dashboards

Client administrators can now easily create Global and Shared dashboards. With just a few clicks, a new dashboard can be generated and made available for others to use. They can be made available to everyone (Global) or limited to specific user roles (Shared). Please note that these Global/Shared dashboards can be viewed by everyone granted access but they can only be created/edited by client administrators.

Global and Shared dashboards are created using the same steps as other dashboards. But administrators will see an additional field on the "Edit Dashboard View" screen as shown below. This new field allows the administrator to specify who has access to this specific dashboard.



Please note that the risk meters visible to a specific user on a shared dashboard are determined by the role-based access controls (RBAC) in place. If a shared dashboard has 10 risk meters on it but the specific user only has permission to see 8 of them, then they will only see those 8.


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