New Navigation Bar

 Welcome to the new look of Kenna!

Here's a view from the Home landing page:



The Home text on the dashboard has been replaced with an icon. To return to the home page click the circle logo in the upper left corner. 




All options related to network devices (Kenna.VM) is rolled under the VM menu via a dropdown. This will give you access to the traditional Explore and Dashboard options which were previously on the main navigation bar. 




The Kenna.AppSec option remains the same and soon you will see an added Explore option build exclusively to handle AppSec findings. Kenna.AppSec is a separately licensed module. 




Next on the list is for our new Kenna.VI offering. Access this research tool using the VI option on the menu. Kenna.VI is a separately licensed module. 




The Connectors option for administrators remains unchanged. 




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