March 2022 Webinar: 8 Biggest VM Implementation Pitfalls (And How to Avoid Them)

Top analysts and industry pundits are calling out the necessity of risk-based vulnerability management for security operations to effectively manage and minimize the surge in cybersecurity threats. But even teams that decide to embrace proactive, data-driven cybersecurity can still fall prey to old habits or misconceptions that stunt efficacy and slow down remediation efforts. 

How do you avoid these potential pitfalls? Call in the experts. 

We’ve assembled an all-star lineup of technical talent and customer support prowess to unpack the biggest missteps facing RBVM implementations—and the best ways to maximize ROI and lower risk.  


This webinar covers:

  • The most common (and detrimental) mistakes teams can make 
  • How to set yourself up for success (before and after implementation) 
  • What you can achieve by smoothing out inefficiencies and clearing hurdles 
  • Tips and tricks from the trenches 

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