How do I show the number of assets I am using against my license count?

In the Kenna UI, all views default to show Active Assets with Open Vulnerabilities. From a licensing standpoint, all assets active in Kenna are counted towards the licensed asset count even if they have 0 open vulnerabilities. 

In order to see the "true" Asset count from a licensing standpoint start on the Explore page. In the search panel on the right hand side under Asset filters, select "Include all assets" which will change the total Asset count in the Asset Tab. This is the count of Assets which will be used by Customer Success Managers for licensing purposes. 


Sample Default View - Active Assets with Open Vulnerabilities



Sample Full Licensing View - Includes Assets with No Open Vulnerabilities





What if my Kenna Instance has both Application Security and Network assets? 

To remove application assets from the total count follow the steps above and then deselect URL and File asset types by using the Primary Locator selections in the search panel. 


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