How do I show the number of assets I am using against my license count?

How do you show your Licensed Assets used for the Kenna.VM module

By default in the Kenna platform UX, the view shows all Active Assets with Open Vulnerabilities, regardless if the asset has an application locator or not. For Kenna.VM, all active assets regardless of vulnerability status (i.e. even if the asset has 0 open vulnerabilities) are counted towards the license count.

In order to see the true asset count from a licensing perspective, you will need to first be an admin within your instance. Once you are logged into the platform, navigate to the Kenna.VM Explore page. In the search panel on the right hand side under Asset filters, select the final option of “Additional Assets” and under that dropdown select “Include all assets”. This will change the total Asset count in the Assets tab.

Sample Default View - Active Assets with Open Vulnerabilities


Include All Assets - All assets regardless of vulnerability status



If you own licenses to both the Kenna.VM module and the Kenna.AppSec module, you will need to do one more additional step to ensure a proper license count. If you own only the Kenna.VM module, the above steps should be sufficient, and the number of assets shown when toggling the “Include All Assets” is the number of assets which will be used for licensing purposes.

Additional Step for Kenna.VM + Kenna.AppSec Owners

To remove assets whose primary locators are Application based, within the right hand panel, under “Asset Settings” select the “Primary Locator” dropdown. Within that dropdown select all locators that are not “File” or “URL”.

The number in the assets tab after you’ve completed this additional step will be the number of licenses you are using that count against the Kenna.VM license.


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