Using Threat Trends

Kenna's "threat trends" feature provides insight into highly targeted exploits that could result in a breach. The graph indicates which vulnerabilities are being attacked and exploited successfully, how often and whether they are trending up or down, week by week. It uses CVEs that are breached and attacked to provide security analytics that expose which threats will be the most critical now and over time.

To get started, open the threat trends "drawer" on the Home page by clicking where it says "New Threats This Week" on the bottom of your screen. Hovering over each bubble will display information specific to that attack or breach.


Clicking on any of the attack/breach bubble and it will display the trending attacks and exploits located specifically in your environment. Your assets will filter so that only those that are vulnerable to that attack or exploit are displayed.

Tip:  A hidden shortcut exists within threat trends. By clicking on the left and right arrows, you can page through threat trends historically one week at a time.


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