How do I show the number of licenses I am using against my license count? (VM or AppSec)

How to See Your License Usage

Admins can view how many licenses are being used out of the total purchased from the Settings Menu. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner and select the dropdown menu. Once the dropdown appears, please click on the sub-menu of "Licenses". 


This will display your license count and the number of licenses you are using as you see below. These values are calculated daily. An exclamation point means you are over your license. If you believe there is an incorrect calculation, please contact your Customer Experience team. 


This page also displays the Organization ID used by Cisco as a company identifier.


How Licenses are Counted


By default, the VM Explore view shows all active assets that have open vulnerabilities, regardless if the asset has an application locator or not. However, all active assets, including assets without any vulnerabilities, are counted towards the license count. For Cisco Vulnerability Management, we count whatever the scanner sends us.


By default, the Applications dashboard shows all created applications with both auto-created or manually created apps. This is the number of applications counted towards your Kenna.AppSec license. Please keep in mind that some applications are auto-created based on Application Identifiers pulled from the tool, and may belong within a larger application, rather than as a standalone "application". You will need to consolidate these App Identifiers to reduce the number of licenses you are leveraging. 


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