Customizing Your Dashboard

Using the Dashboard - All existing Risk Meters will appear on your Dashboard page providing a quick means of assessing risk in any area of your organization. 

The Risk Meter score and coloring schema provide a easy way to focus on Asset Groups that pose the highest risk to your organization. Each risk meter is assigned a risk score, and a correlating color:

  • Green = Score between 0 - 330
  • Yellow = Score between 331 - 660
  • Red = Score between 661 - 1000 

Using the Dashboard page you can also easily see cached summary details on the Assets and Vulnerabilities in each group. By clicking on the toggle button in the bottom right corner under any Risk Meter you can flip from the Risk Meter display to the summary list. 

The summary list provides the following information: 

  • Assets - the number of assets included in the group
  • Vulnerabilities - the number of vulnerabilities that exist on those assets
  • Top Priority - the number of Top Priority vulnerabilities with the vulnerability count. 
  • Active Internet Breaches - the number of vulnerabilities within the group that are part of Active Internet Breach activity. 
  • Easily Exploitable - the number of vulnerabilities within the group for which there are know Metasploit kits. 
  • Popular Targets - the number of vulnerabilities that are also being seen in high volume by other Kenna clients. 

Live Risk Meter scores, vulnerability and fix data can be accessed by clicking on the Risk Meter Name from the Dashboard and live summary data is available as part of Reporting for Risk Meters.

Risk Meter names can be edited by hovering over the name in the Dashboard and clicking on the pencil icon.


Creating new Risk Meters  - New Risk Meters can be created from the Dashboard by selecting the "Add New Risk Meter" box, located in the right-hand corner. Complete the popup by naming your asset group and selecting assets based on the criteria options provided. All assets included in the saved Risk Meter will contribute to that Risk Meter score. 

Asset Groups - The Explore page allows for more advanced searching and filtering of asset and vulnerability data. By saving a custom search from this view, you will also be creating a risk meter on the Dashboard page. 

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