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Customizing Your Dashboard

Using the Dashboard - All existing Risk Meters will appear on your Dashboard page providing a quick means of assessing risk in any area of your organization. 

The Risk Meter score and coloring schema provide a easy way to focus on Asset Groups that pose the highest risk to your organization. Each risk meter is assigned a risk score, and a correlating color:

  • Green = Score between 0 - 330
  • Yellow = Score between 340 - 660
  • Red = Score between 670 - 1000

Using the Dashboard page you can also easily see cached summary details on the Assets and Vulnerabilities in each group. By clicking on the triangle dropdown button in the top left corner under any Risk Meter you can flip from the Risk Meter display to show counts, trendlines, or edit the name of the meter. 

"Show Counts" provides a summary list with the following information: 

  • Assets - the number of assets included in the group
  • Vulnerabilities - the number of vulnerabilities that exist on those assets
  • Unique Fixes  the number of unique patches outstanding for the assets contained in the Risk Meter
  • Top Priority - the number of Top Priority vulnerabilities with the vulnerability count.
  • Active Internet Breaches - the number of vulnerabilities within the group that are part of Active Internet Breach activity
  • Easily Exploitable - the number of vulnerabilities within the group for which there are know Metasploit kits
  • Predicted Exploitable - the number of vulnerabilities predicted to become exploitable
  • Malware Exploitable - the number of vulnerabilities actively exploited by malware
  • Popular Targets - the number of vulnerabilities that are also being seen in high volume by other Kenna clients

"Show Trendline" displays a graph showing the Risk Score progression from 90 days ago to the current day.

"Edit Name" will take you to a prompt where you're able to change the name of the Risk Meter.

Live Risk Meter scores, vulnerability and fix data can be accessed by clicking on the Risk Meter Name from the Dashboard and live summary data is available as part of Reporting for Risk Meters.


Creating new Risk Meters - New Risk Meters can be created by entering search and/or filtering criteria on the Explore page, clicking the "Save Group" button, and adding a unique name.  The newly created Risk Meter will also be displayed on the Dashboard page.  All non-zero scored assets included in the saved Risk Meter with contribute to that Risk Meter's score.

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