Why don’t I see all of my assets?

Kenna may not show all of the assets that your scanner reports for two main reasons:

1. Assets without risk-associated vulnerabilities

Many scanners will report assets that have either no results, or only have informational/non-risk-associated findings (e.g. warnings about self-signed certificates, notifications of open ports, etc). Assets with no vulnerabilities on them will not show in Kenna. Assets with only 0-scored "informational" findings will show up unless you have specifically asked for them to be excluded.

2. Inactive assets and non-open vulnerabilities

By default, Kenna will only display Active assets that have open vulnerabilities, and will filter out the closed/false-positive/risk-accepted vulnerabilities. If you wish to see all of your assets you need to select “All” in the Asset Filters and “All” in the Vulnerability Status.

Note: Assets which have no discernible risk, as reported by the scanner, will not be imported into Kenna. 


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