Asset Purge Period Setting

Important: This setting will purge inactive assets from your environment after they have been inactive in Kenna for a configured number of days. The Asset Purge Period setting can be configured by administrators from the Settings menu for production instances only. The default retention period for production instances is 180 days and for test instances it is 30 days. For test instances the setting is not configurable. 

This setting means that inactive assets (usually decommissioned assets) will not stay in Kenna indefinitely. Once set, assets will be purged after the inactivity limit combined with the asset purge period and is based on last_seen_date. For assets manually set to inactive, the purge will still be based on last_seen_date for the asset and will be updated by connector runs regardless of the inactive status. If locators are reused after an asset is decommissioned (ex. an ip is assigned to a new asset), the new asset will start fresh and not have closed vulns from the previous incarnation of the asset.


Asset Inactivity Setting (60) + Asset Purge Setting (30)
= inactive assets will be purged 90 days after the asset's last_seen_date.

To update your Asset Purge Setting, navigate to the settings menu and select "Asset Settings." There you will find options of 30, 90, 180 days and the ability to set a custom period.




Important:  Purging assets will be permanent and will also purge all vulnerabilities associated with the assets.


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