The Cisco Community

What is it?

The Cisco Community is an engaging, full-featured, self-service, content-filled, technical community for all Cisco solutions. The Community provides an online site and collaboration tools to quickly find answers to questions, troubleshoot, research independent reviews on products, and discover enhanced connectivity techniques and optimization questions. The site is publicly searchable without signing up, but you must join if you want to participate in discussions. Learn more on our FAQ page!

How do I join?

You can browse and join the Cisco Customer Community now! First click on Log In.



This will open the Login / Create Account page. Here you can log in with your existing login, or you can sign up by clicking on Create an Account on the upper right corner of the page. The good thing about registering an account on the Cisco Community is that this will serve as your login for other Cisco solutions. In fact, many of you may already have a login! For more information on how to join, check out this document.




If you need to create an account, that will bring you to this registration page, which will ask you for your credentials.



Where can I participate in discussions on Cisco Vulnerability Management?

To find the Security topics, click on Technology and Support.Screenshot_2022-11-22_at_10.15.44_AM.png

Next, click on Security, which will open the Discussion Forums, Resources, News and Events to the right. You can click on View All at the bottom for a more comprehensive view.


How do I use the space?

You can read about topics and commentary in the Discussion Forums, and check out the other security resources. Remember that posts and comments in this space are publicly searchable. In order to post and comment, you must be signed into the Cisco Community.

Whenever you are posting or commenting on Kenna-related content, please select the labels Cisco Vulnerability Management and Prioritization. If more labels are needed, please let us know!



You can also use these labels as filters to search this content and subscribe to the label.




Managing Community Account Settings

Account settings can be found from the dropdown options under your name as shown below. You will find a myriad of personal preferences to set here. 


Personal Settings

Under personal settings tab you can update your Username and Personal Information using the tabs under Personal


You can also select to not receive any email from the community.




Please make sure to add a photo of yourself or an avatar under the Avatars tab! This will help others quickly recognize you.


Subscriptions & Notifications

Under the Subscriptions & Notifications tab you can see and manage your current subscriptions.





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