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Vulnerabilities View Column Descriptions

  • Score - Cisco Security Risk Score

  • Name - Vulnerability Name

  • Asset - Asset name by primary locator.

  • CVE Description - Brief description of the CVE. Rolls up under Name column in UI.

  • Tags - Existing tags for the asset. Rolls up under Asset column in UI.

  • Scanner IDs - Finding ID provided by the scanner, such as Qualys QID, or Tenable plug-in.

  • Unique Identifiers - Unique identifier for the specific vulnerability finding as provided by the scanner.

  • Fix Published - Date when a fix was made available for the vulnerability.

  • Found - Date when vulnerability was first seen by the scanner. If the date is not available, this becomes the date when Cisco Vulnerability Management first saw the vulnerability.

  • Last Seen - Date when the scanner last saw the vulnerability. If the date is not available, this becomes the date when Cisco Vulnerability Management last saw the vulnerability.

  • Port - Port that the vulnerability was found on.

  • Closed - Date when the vulnerability was closed in Cisco Vulnerability Management.

  • Due Date - Date when the vulnerability will no longer be within SLA adherence.

  • Status - Current vulnerability status (Open, Closed, Risk Accepted, False Positive).

  • Scanner Score - The score that the scanner gives the vulnerability.

  • Service Ticket - ID for the service ticket associated with the vulnerability.

  • Notes - Any custom notes applied to a vulnerability.

  • Created - Date when the vulnerability was first seen in Cisco Vulnerability Management.

  • Custom Fields - Any created custom fields will show as a column. Cisco recommends adding a description to each custom field that you create.

Assets View Column Descriptions

  • Status - A visual indicator of the status of the asset. Green = Active, Grey = Inactive. Any human-modified status values will appear with a gear icon over the status icon.

  • Score - The Cisco Vulnerability Management Risk Score for the asset (top vuln score * priority) + 200 if IP address is external.

  • Locator - The first non-null value from this list of potential locators: [file_locator, url_locator, hostname_locator, ip_address_locator, netbios_locator, ec2_locator, application_locator, container_locator, image_locator, locator].

  • OS - Operating system from the scanner or API.

  • Type - Currently used for only the Prisma connector. Potential values are “Image” or “Container”.

  • Tags - All tags from all sources.

  • Application Identifier - Application associated with the asset for Application Security Module connectors.

  • Priority - Asset priority, default of 10.

  • Last Seen - The last time any connector saw this asset.

  • Owner - Null default. Can assign an asset owner in this field.

  • Created - When a connector saw the asset for the first time.

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