Using Reporting Templates

Graphs and reporting elements in the default reporting view provide insight into many aspects of the risk and vulnerability data processed by Cisco Vulnerability Management. However , some graphs may only be useful or informative to select groups within your organization, or select metrics may be more appropriate for the report you’re looking to prepare. By using Report Templates, you can define and save a select group of metrics into one saved template to allow you to easily pull reports for each of the various audiences you may send reports to.

NOTE: Report templates are unique on the user basis, so if User A creates a Report Template (lets call that Template 1), it will only appear to User A. User B will not be able to see Template 1 by default. If User B needs the same template, User A will need to share what graphs/metrics they selected with User B so that User B can create a mirror template under their own user profile.


Creating a Template:

From the Risk Meter level, select the Reporting tab. Once you’re into the Reporting tab, you will see Risk Group Overview along with a link to export the report in a PDF format. Just below that, there is a dropdown menu that defaults to “Report Template: All Charts”. In order to create a new template, click the dropdown and select “Add Report Template”.




Once you select “Add Report Template” the platform will ask you to name the template, and select which metrics to display as part of the template. Then click “Create Report Template” to save the template. This template will now be available on all Risk Meters in your environment for which you as a user have access.




To edit or delete a template after it has been saved select if from the drop down list. Once you’ve selected the template you wish to edit or delete, re-open the drop down menu, and a blue pencil icon and a blue trash can should appear. Edit via the pencil icon, and to delete a Report Template click the trash can. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the Report Template.



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