Creating a Custom Field

You may want to add context to your Kenna instance that tells your team why a decision was made. Custom fields allow you to apply your own metadata to vulnerabilities.


1. To define a new custom field, click the gear icon in the upper right and choose custom fields.

2. Click New Custom Field.

3. Complete the form by naming the field, providing a description, selecting the field data type (string, numeric, or date), and if you’d like to filter your vulnerabilities on this field in the Explore view, check the faceted search box. Click Save.

4. Once you have defined your custom fields, you can add it to a vulnerability and customize the value. Vulnerabilities can be added either in bulk via the method above or to an individual vulnerability.

5. To define a custom field value for an individual vulnerability, click on the blue vulnerability details arrow from the Explore page and then click edit on the right hand side of your screen.


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