Upgrading Your Account: Application Security Module and Vulnerability Intel

To upgrade your Cisco Vulnerability Management Account at any time during your 15-day trial, contact the Sales team. If you would like to upgrade your account anytime after the 15-day trial has ended, contact the Sales team who can reactivate it for you.


Cisco Vulnerability Management offers several products for you to try. During the initial trial period, you will have access to both Application Security Module and Cisco Vulnerability Management. If you want to upgrade to Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence, follow the directions in the portal. If you are not a customer, contact the Sales team. If you are a customer and would like to upgrade but don’t have a Customer Success Manager associated with your account, please send an email to Sales and copy Customer Success and they will help you get set up.

For more information about Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence, visit the links here and here



If you are a current customer and want to upgrade to the Application Security Module, follow the directions in the portal. If you want to learn more about Application Security Module, refer to the information here and here.



For additional help, contact Sales.

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