Cherwell Ticketing Connector

Cherwell Ticketing is a very configurable application that requires setup from Kenna's Support team in order to successfully create the connector.

Before emailing the Support team, follow these steps:

  1. Add the Cherwell connector from the Connectors page in Kenna
  2. Get your Business Object Schema from your Cherwell instance (instructions for that can be found on Cherwell's help page)
  3. For each field that you want to see exposed in the Kenna Create Ticket dialogue, specify:
    1. The display name for the field you'd like to see in Kenna
    2. The Cherwell code name for the field
    3. The dropdown choices (if the field is a dropdown)
  4. Email all of this to 

From there, Support will configure your Cherwell connector and then you will be able to successfully create tickets using the "Create Service Ticket" button.

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