Zero Day Vulnerability Intelligence powered by Talos

Zero Day Vulnerability Intelligence powered by Talos is a Premier Tier feature.


Cisco Vulnerability Management prioritizes vulnerabilities with the biggest impact to your environment. Cisco Vulnerability Management's Zero Day vulnerability intelligence powered by Talos takes your security team to the next level by highlighting areas for potential increased attack surfaces based on information known about your environment and past vulnerabilities. Talos Advisory information provides CVSS vectors and CPE data as well as forthcoming Snort rules to help you protect your assets. For Cisco Firewall customers, the Snort rules are applied automatically once they've been vetted by Talos. 

Navigating Zero Day intelligence 

Talos Zero Day vulnerabilities are available within Cisco Vulnerability Management under the Zero Days facet filter. If you are in the context of your Assets, you'll see the Assets tab filter down to the impacted Assets. If you are in the Vulnerabilities tab, a list of Zero Day vulnerabilities will appear and can be selected to view details. 




Talos Advisory Details

The vulnerability details page will load all Talos Advisory information that is currently available. This data includes the public Talos Advisory ID, any reserved CVE identifiers, the CVSS vectors, CPE(s) of impacted products, and reserved Snort rules that will be published when the CVE is public.  


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