Getting Started with the API

The Cisco Vulnerability Management REST API expands what is possible with the Cisco Vulnerability Management Platform. Using the API allows your team to customize and extend how you use Cisco Vulnerability Management.

What can I do with the API?

Here is a sample of things you can do with the API:

Manage users

Add and remove users, and control access to features and data. For example, you can create a user via the API or bulk update users' custom roles.

Manage your data

From basics such as searching through your assets to getting a list of all user roles to performing updates such as bulk updating vulnerabilities as ‘risk accepted’, and more. 

Perform functions without logging in to the UI

You can upload a data file to a file-based connector and even initiate a connector run.

The API documentation can be found here. The RESTful API utilizes JSON as the data exchange format but certain exports of data can be generated in XML format.  

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