Getting Started with Cisco Vulnerability Management

Once you have access to Cisco Vulnerability Management, you can start exploring and learning about the platform. Check out the attached pdf below for the complete Getting Started Guide!


Implementing a platform like Cisco Vulnerability Management that offers so much in terms of value and functionality can be a truly daunting task. Even with training and an abundance of help articles that are publicly available, having a rounded understanding of the platform can still feel elusive. This document aims to serve as a guide to introduce concepts that are fundamental to working in the platform, as well as instructions for carrying out some common tasks and activities in Cisco Vulnerability Management. As much as possible, topics build on already covered ideas and so should be of great value to a person who has minimal exposure to the Cisco Vulnerability Management platform. For individuals already familiar with Cisco Vulnerability Management, it can still serve as a reference to review a forgotten concept, or how a particular task is done.

Items to be covered in this documentation includes the following:

  1. Overview of the Cisco Vulnerability Management platform - Dashboard, Explore, AppSec, Settings
  2. Common Concepts – Asset Statuses in Cisco Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Statuses, Risk Meters / Asset Searches, Asset prioritization, Scoring - Vulnerability score, Asset Score, Risk Meter Score
  3. Common Operations within Cisco Vulnerability Management:
    1. Viewing Assets
    2. Viewing vulnerabilities
    3. Viewing Risk Meters
    4. Deep dive into Risk Meters / Asset searches
  4. Settings page
  5. API operations

For more information, please take a look at our User Training Videos and download the attached Implementation Success Guide.

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