Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence - (formerly Kenna.VI)

Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence is a research tool that provides access to threat intelligence. It combines CVE information like vectors and CVSS scores with vulnerability chatter, changes to the Cisco Security Risk Score, and exploit and fix data. Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence includes not only published CVEs but reserved CVEs as well, updating them with new information as it becomes available and normalizing the data into an easy to read, familiar format. 

Navigating Vulnerability Intel

The VI Explore page provides filter and search capabilities to narrow in on CVEs of interest, while the VI Dashboard page provides a curated snapshot of trending vulnerabilities with the highest velocity, most chatter, and most volatile risk scores over a user-selected period of time. 

VI Dashboard

The VI Dashboard provides a quick and easy way to search our vulnerability database for information on a particular CVE or browse trending vulnerabilities. Trending vulnerabilities can be sorted to create curated lists of vulnerabilities with the highest velocity, most chatter, or most volatile risk score within the past day, week, or month. 








VI Explore 

VI Explore provides access to Cisco Vulnerability Management's full library of CVE information. You can browse all data or search for specific CVEs to research exploits, fixes, score history, and detailed CVSS vector information. 



Filtering Options

From VI Explore, you can access six filtering facets as they relate to identified vulnerabilities. You can multiselect to refine the filtered view. 



In the Search bar, you can enter a specific CVE identifier to access information related to that vulnerability. You can sort all results by Publication Date or Risk Score. 


Vulnerability Filters provide further filtering to adjust the included vulnerabilities list based on the Risk Score.



Viewing Individual CVE information

Click on the CVE link or the arrow to explore CVE details.



The Description page provides an overview of the CVE with CVSS information tabbed for versions 2.0 and 3.0 as well as the Risk Score, associated vulnerability categories, and published and updated dates.  Additional information curated by Cisco Vulnerability Management can be found by accessing the Fixes, Exploits, Vuln Chatter, Malware, or Score History pages. 





The Fixes page displays any associated fixes that have been identified and any relevant Knowledge Base articles.




The Exploits page provides additional information on whether the vulnerability has been weaponized and the source of the exploit.  



Vuln Chatter

The Vuln Chatter page shows the frequency of various sources discussing a particular vulnerability within a user-selected timeframe. Links to the specific references are provided as well.  



The Malware page shows all malware associated with the vulnerability, including the malware identifiers (SHA256, SHA1, and MD5). 



Score History

The Score History page shows all changes to the risk score. 


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