Managing a Custom Field

You can use custom fields to add additional context and metadata to your vulnerability data. Once created, the values contained in custom fields can easily be managed on a per vulnerability  or per findings basis.

For more information about creating a custom field, refer to the information here, which details the types of custom fields (String, Date, Numeric) and how to create them. On the vulnerability or finding of interest, select the blue arrow to take you to the vulnerability details (for a singular vulnerability) or finding details page. Custom fields are show on the bottom right hand side.
You can use the Edit button to add or change the value of custom fields.




Display a Custom Field on the VM Explore page

To view custom fields, on the VM Explore page, click the Vulnerability tab and then click the Display drop-down list.



Display a Custom Field in AppSec Explore

To view custom fields, on the AppSec Explore page, click the Display drop-down list.


Filter by a Custom Field

You can also filter your vulnerabilities view by specific custom fields on the right-hand panel under “Vulnerability Filters” as long as you selected the “Generate filter options for vulnerability search” option when you created the custom field.



Once you apply a filter via a custom field, you can ensure that specific reports created include only the custom field information that you’re interested in viewing/sharing.



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