Cisco Vulnerability Management User Training Videos

Here at Cisco Vulnerability Management (formerly known as Kenna Security), we strive to provide a variety of ways that new customers and users can get up and running quickly. One of those ways is by taking our video training series! This series covers all the basics you need to know as a regular user and as an administrator. 

Finally, make sure to download the attached Getting Started Guide at the bottom of this page!

Intro to Cisco Vulnerability Management

  1. Welcome to the Cisco Vulnerability Management Customer Experience
  2. Why Cisco Vulnerability Management?
  3. Vulnerability Risk Scoring and Data Science
  4. Intro to the Risk Score
  5. Basic Navigation
  6. Security and Access Considerations
  7. Help Center and Release Notes

Settings Menu

  1. Settings Menu: Personal Account Options
  2. Admin Settings Menu: User Management
  3. Admin Settings Menu: Custom Fields
  4. Admin Settings Menu: Creating and Managing API Keys
  5. Admin Settings Menu: Asset Settings
  6. Admin Settings Menu: Risk-Based SLAs

Ingesting and Working with Data

  1. Connectors
  2. Ingesting Data without a Connector
  3. Ingesting and Handling Assets
  4. Working with Assets
  5. Working with Vulnerabilities
  6. Working with Fixes
  7. Search Panel Basics
  8. Custom Search Queries
  9. Creating and Editing Risk Meters
  10. Types of Risk Meters
  11. Benefits of Risk Meters: Top Fixes
  12. Benefits of Risk Meters: Reporting
  13. Organizing Views with Dashboards
  14. Data Exports
  15. API Documentation

Application Security Module

  1. Application Security Module
  2. Application Security Module Custom Fields

Best Practices

  1. Best Practices for Managing Users, Roles, and Dashboards
  2. How to Mature Your Vulnerability Management Program
  3. Risk-Based SLAs
  4. Best Practices for Ticketing
  5. Best Practices for Using the API
  6. Best Practices for Data Exports
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